Promoting Local Business Through Social – COM0011 – Blog #5

When it comes to getting your company name out there, it’s hard work. When you add building a stellar reputation and generating repeat customers – especially in the food industry – it can be a monumental task.

We live in Kemptville, Ontario, located just a short drive south of Ottawa and, for such a small town (approx. 3200 residents), we are extremely lucky to be surrounded by good eats!

We love to support local businesses and our neighbors who own these establishments. It is important to us that they get the recognition and support they so deserve; they work so hard!local business

There are two businesses in our area that are an excellent example of creating a successful marketing campaign by using several different media types; Advertising (conventional and word-of-mouth), community networking, branding, social and involvement in the local business scene are a big part of their success.

Here’s why!

The Branch and Texas Grill

Situated in “Old Town” Kemptville, The Branch was featured recently on “You Gotta Eat Here!” (segment starts at 14 minutes), and is a local favourite. Bruce and Nicole’s mission is to “support small scale, sustainable farmers and producers; to promote music and arts; and to celebrate fun, community, and a creative spirit”. They do this by supporting and participating in the Kemptville Farmers Market, they bring in live local music to entertain dinner guests and invite locals to the restaurant for weekly “open mic” jam sessions! Don’t even get me started on the amazing food and microbrewed draft beers (I encourage you to find that out for yourself)! Bruce and Nicole are also very active on Social (check out their Blog) and are always promoting and sharing local business news, including their competitors because they are smart! A thriving downtown Kemptville will benefit everyone in the long run!

Comfort by AJ’s

Phil and JesRecently reviewed in the Ottawa Citizen, Comfort by AJ’s consistently gets rave reviews for their upscale “comfort” food. Jes and Phil’s mission is simple, “We believe in good food done right, from scratch, no short-cuts ” and they never disappoint! They have also been featured in a local blog by Erika, who sings their praises for a Sunday brunch experience like no other, and we couldn’t agree more!  Also active in the community at our local weekly Farmer’s Market, the annual Dandelion Festival and promotion through Facebook and Twitter.

Whenever we see the people of our community on TV, in the newspaper or on Social, we can’t help but share their excitement! With a few kind words or the click of a mouse, we are able to spread the word using tools such as Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram. If you have a chance, I would encourage you to check out their Facebook Pages and “Like” them:

These restaurants have a presence. We hear about them, and from them on-line.   By staying engaged with their community, the community can then share it beyond our small town. It is a collaborative effort – and it pays off! We get good eats and they get great press! How can we not get behind these wonderful people? They are an excellent example of how I would like to operate a local business one day!

How do you promote your local businesses and what are some of your favorites?  Also, a recommendation for a fabulous restaurant is always welcome!



7 thoughts on “Promoting Local Business Through Social – COM0011 – Blog #5

  1. A small-but-growing burger place in Toronto caught my attention through social media a few months ago. I was staying at a hotel in an unfamiliar area of Toronto (ok, all of Toronto is unfamiliar to me but some areas more so than others). Anyway, I was Googling nearby restaurants and came across The Burger Priest Twitter page ( They had great interaction and conversation with their customers and the pictures of the restaurant and food looked amazing. And, how convenient, there was a location right down the street from my hotel.

    I went to try it out and the atmosphere was exactly what I expected, based on their Twitter feed (talk about accurate branding). The food was incredible – I’ve been craving their burger and chocolate shake ever since! Of course, while I was eating my meal, I had to post food pictures on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (Burger Priest is on all 3) and they responded by sharing my comments which made me feel that they really appreciated my business.

    I totally agree that social media can be a powerful tool for small businesses, no matter what size of town or city they are in!

  2. What a great post, going local, supporting local and eating local. Yumm. We try and get out to some of our local restaurants that cook with local ingredients including menus that support local farmers. We even vacationed to Newfoundland and through social media videos (chef’s eating out) found a delicious place called Chinched bistro. It’s a little far away but if you’re out that way… it’s divine.

  3. Thank you both! We are often in Toronto so will definitely have to try Burger Priest. As for Newfoundland, I have never been but a destination that I plan on visiting in the future – and now we have a restaurant to try out 🙂

  4. The local pub, community bar or coffee shop remain some of my favourite stopping grounds. When you need to get out of the house and socialize with like-minded people, no place is better.

    Social media has only enhanced the experience as it grows the circle of potential patrons, individuals who are already linked to others who have similar interests. Everyone wins.

    One such local favourite, that isn’t really local to me other than when I’m at the cottage, is the Neat Cafe ( Located in Burnstown, it is an hour’s drive from Ottawa and a short drive from Calabogie and Renfrew.

    The owners are fully engaged in the community and have regulars from all around who come for the great food and impressive music acts. Social media has helped them grow their business and community spirit, including an organized series of exercise/social events.

    I’m looking forward to it once again becoming my ‘local’ hangout when I’m at the cottage at the end of the month!

    • Hi John, this is great information. I have driven past this cafe several times en route to my cousins cottage in calabogie and often thought “I wonder what it’s like in there”? Now that I know, I will be sure to eat there the next time I drive through Burnstown. I will also take some time to pop into the shops – it is a quaint little town 🙂

  5. Hello KTown! A very belated “Thank You” for the mention. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work around town. If you’d ever like to chat about all things blogging and NG, please drop me a line: Thanks again and have a great day!! Erika.

  6. I love how your such a supporter of local businesses, my family owns two restaurants in Ottawa located in “Little Italy” on Preston Street. They are constantly communicating with customers over different social media platforms in order to spread the news about their fresh, delicious, and authentic Italian food. Social media can create big movements of support especially for local businesses, i personally love supporting these kinds of businesses because they are unique and they tribute their success to their followers and supporters. If you would like to check out my family’s restaurants here are the link to their websites:
    La Roma Restaurant:
    The Trattoria Caffe Italia:

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