COM0011 Blog Post #5 Connected but Disconnected

COM 0011 Blog Post #5 Connected but Disconnected

Wireless communications have 90.2% penetration in the developing world.

That’s right.  Billions of people have skipped the land-line development infrastructure phase and gone straight to digital communication.   To those of us who are accustomed to developmental stages in childhood, psychology, plant growth, bread making, technology and any number of other progressions, there is a disconnect when individuals or groups skip a stage.  In the developing world technology and infrastructure don’t progress in an orderly way.  It’s out of whack and it leaves me feeling unsettled.

This week I got a video from my friend in Nepal that illustrates my point.

My disconnect here is that space age digital technology – let’s call it magic – is connecting me with images from across the world that definitely show gaps in infrastructure.

A person with a smart phone sends video across the world.  Forget the fact that they are carrying the motorcycle on the roof of the bus.  There are no cranes or fall protection or safety codes officers.

This hap-hazard adoption of technologies allows us to communicate globally, but it also highlights gaps in understanding and relationship.

The man loading motorcycle has a nice shirt and shoes, not flip flops.  It might even be his bike that he’s loading.  He obviously doesn’t have the worker protection that we take for granted and he probably lives in conditions that we would find extremely difficult.

But it’s just possible that the man loading the bus has a cell phone.


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