COM0014 – Blog Post # 4 Big auto brand leverage social media to build relationship and creditability in B2C space


Ford Motor Company (Ford) used social media effectively to engage and interact with its online target audience in the B2C space. They use three channels; Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to educate and create awareness of their products and services with existing and potential customers. They also have a well-designed website page that makes it easy for visitors to readily share their experiences about Ford. “Ford Blog” is a dedicated page where each time they publish a new blog, they post comments from their readers followed by the blog details. They created a community section where people can share their stories and ideas on new products, services and warranties issues. In this community, Ford employees interact with customers and listen to conversations that help them to improve on their product features and services.

I think that Ford approach to their social media presence is creative. Their presence in Twitter, Facebook and…

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