Comm0015 Blog Post 3 – My Game Plan for Professional Networking – Steady As She Goes

By Mark Calder

Comm 0015 

Currently I have several strategies for developing my personal network both online and in person.

I am involved with this course to become familiar with others in my field who are interested in online marketing. I am on Facebook for my work, which allows me to share the work that I do on the Upper Canada District School Board Web page with those in my community and the wider Internet.

I am involved with a children’s charity called The Champions for Kids Foundation on which I sit as a director. Since January 2008, we have raised $1 million to help support youth to play sports, enjoy arts activities and to care for medical needs not covered by government health plans – such as prescription glasses and EpiPens. This has given me the chance to connect with local business people through charity golf tournaments, charity breakfasts, fun runs and other events.

I am also involved with the United Way of Leeds and Grenville, having designed a basic website for that agency’s charity golf tournament. While this is not the main intent for helping with this charity, the United Way is an organization connected to the local business community.

I am also a member of two professional organizations: The National School Public Relations Association and the Canadian Association of Communicators in Education.

While I am on Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with colleagues and friends, I am still concerned about the idea of being so closely connected to the world through the Internet. I value my privacy and I like the idea of being a little separated from “”The Grid” My plan for social media professional networking will not change drastically in the next little while. I will become active on Link’d In as my bosses are on it and have requested I do so. I do not wish to get any more connected. While I see the wonder of networks, the amazing potential for research and understanding, and find learning about collaboration sites exciting, I honestly feel I am already “out there” as much as I need to be.


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