Com0015 – Assignment # 1 – Blog Post # 2 – Strong & Weak Organizations

Strong & Weak Organizations

coffee clip art

A social media strategy is a hot ticket in the marketing world and as I wade through the myriad of articles on creating content and operating in a digital media environment, there are many case studies that abound of companies who are doing well in implementing social media into their marketing mix and horror stories of those who still have a long way to go.

One company that immediately comes to my mind is Starbucks, I mean I have never even been a much of a coffee drinker but they make you want to drink coffee just to try their delicious sounding concoctions despite their higher than average prices for anything in their stores. Starbucks has created a culture out of the art of blending and drinking gourmet coffee.

This has been done in part by creating a very engaging social media marketing campaign that has messaging that is very consistent to the brand, ensuring that they not only promote their brand through quirky tweets that plug their products but that they create spaces and reasons for their consumers to join in the conversation such as encouraging participation in the community by fun and interesting campaigns such as their creation of the next Starbucks cup contest they ran on Pinterest.

On the opposite side there is Timothy’s World Coffee, which there seems to be very little presence on social media. There is no Twitter or Google+ account. Their only major social media accounts I could find was a Facebook account which seemed very functional with the occasional post and written in French. The LinkedIn account only had the bare bones of a profile account and had not had any updates or articles posted to the corporate page.

cup of coffee

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