Local Listening & Participating

Many businesses are still trying to figure out how they want to listen and communicate with their audience with the rise of social media. How do you stay up to date with these new constantly evolving technologies and their unique sets of opportunities to hear and respond to feedback?

One local shop in Ottawa seems to have figured out how they want to participate over social media – The Comic Book Shoppe in Ottawa despite currently suffering a corrupted database on their website, has been successfully using their Facebook fan page to maintain an online connection with their shoppers.

Posting photos from their two locations and updating their community on upcoming events through both their Facebook and Twitter accounts, this is one local business that seems to have it all figured out. Their staff are obviously social media savvy as they announce product arrival with friendly professionalism through these media outlets.

Customers appear to be completely on board with only connecting through Facebook and Twitter – customers are requesting product to be held, stock information and more through these two sites – and staff are on top of all requests! One shopper posting a photo of a desired product had stock and delivery information provided to them within three hours. This information was provided after the store had closed, showing that the staff at the Comic Book Shoppe understand how social media can take place outside of the nine to five.

Have you noticed any local businesses taking advantage of social media this way? Any that have managed to be successful? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Local Listening & Participating

  1. All well managed businesses know that excellent customer service is the backbone to healthy sales. This is a perfect example of how a business has recognized the importance of using social media to deliver great customer service that leads to sales.

    According to research conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, more than 66% of social media users go on a company site for customer service reasons. So, kudos to the comic book store for reacting positively to an adverse situation, however, it seems that customers’ expectations for this type of response is increasing daily. It is becoming standard practice, and businesses that aren’t prepared to do so are very likely harming themselves as a result.

    Responding with excellent customer service via social media has both immediate and long lasting benefits – customers who receive good service are more likely to purchase more product from the business in the future. And in the case of the comic book store, they’re actually using social media for immediate sales!

    The aforementioned research report was referenced in an article that lists “12 best practices in social media customer service”. I highly recommend checking it out for some great advice.

  2. This seems like a great idea to me but does this mean you will need to have someone constantly monitoring your accounts? The Comic Book Shoppe has made it work for them so far but is this really feasible for all businesses? I can certainly see the benefits with respect to the passage of information given that there are only two locations in Ottawa but what happens when you have a large chain? Customer service is the key to success so if you can make this idea work for you go for it!!

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