COM0011 Blog Post #4 – The Best Tip I Received from someone on the bus … Use Hootsuite

 I remember when I first started my social media accounts thinking to myself, eventually this is going to become tedious and time consuming to manage them all separately.  Especially if,  in the future I was thinking about adding other Social Media tools to the mix.   The content calendar is a fantastic tool to use for organizing your posts, however I still had to sign in to my accounts separately to post.  Recently, I went to a lunch and learn at work and they talked about a social media dashboard tool called Hootsuite. You can use it to manage up to five accounts for free, and you sign up just as you would for any other social media account. All I can say is this TOOL IS AMAZING for managing multiple social media accounts and has key features you can use to be more efficient and save time when communicating with your audience.

This short story in this video highlights some of the key features of Hootsuite:


I haven’t used all the features of Hootsuite yet, however I have used the auto scheduler for tweets, monitored my mentions in Twitter so I can respond or retweet quickly, and I love the dashboard to be able to see at a glance what messages are coming in on my home feed,  sent tweets and any direct messages .  If you are the person sitting on the other side of me on the bus and you’re using Hootsuite what other features would you recommend?

Sources: Social Media is Sweet: A HootSuite Story – Youtube,  Giant Ant ( for producing and filming the video, Jon and Roy ( for the catchy song, G&F Financial ( and Nelson the Seagull ( for providing a filming locations. Hootsuite image –  Super-fast Content Curation: Add to HootSuite and Go! www.business2community.comPage by Liz Wilson 

5 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog Post #4 – The Best Tip I Received from someone on the bus … Use Hootsuite

  1. I have been wanting to test Hoot Suite too. I find updating all the social media applications for work exhausting. I am hoping it is the miracle time management cure. Have you tested it now? How is it working for you?

    • It’s working great for me. It has saved me a lot of time. The dashboard allows for a convenient at a glance look at all your accounts. See what’s coming in and what’s going out. My recommendation is to try it out.

  2. I’ve also heard great things about it and been wanting to see how it works. Apparently it’s a huge time saver. I’m not the one actually posting the tweets at work, I’m creating the content. Would it be beneficial for me or just useful on my personal account? Could I use part of the application even if I’m not posting directly from it? Would I be able to save the media staff posting content time?

    • My thought is that if your colleague used hootsuite you could have access to the account to see what tweets are coming in and out. This may assist you in writing content you can auto schedule this content in advance as well. A content calendar would help as well perhaps you can start posting as well?

  3. I honestly never gave much consideration to using HootSuite as a tool for personal social media management… until now! One of my colleagues swears by it. Before watching the video you posted (thanks for that), I really only thought of it as something I could use at work to manage our business’ social media streams. However, we’ve recently switched to a social manager built in to our own websites (so that the Interactive Dept. at head office can easily track stats).

    But, considering I am actively using 5 or more social media tools, HootSuite would probably help make maintaining my own social feeds much more efficient! Thanks for the tip!

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