COM0011 Blog #4 The World of Hashtags

With Social Media becoming the primary tool for communication amongst businesses, I like many others working in a small business, or even self-employed, are scrambling to wrap our heads around which application to concentrate our efforts on. In just seems like yesterday when everyone was asking the public to ‘Like us’ on Facebook. Now the trend seems to have shifted to Twitter. Who knows what it will be in six months time?


The challenge for businesses with limited presence on Twitter is how to be seen. I have witnessed many small companies simply posting on Facebook with an automatic feed into their Twitter account. They feel this alone with gain them momentum on Twitter, but is this really going to drive new followers? Probably not, as all they are really doing is preaching to their already established Facebook fans.

Businesses who don’t have brand recognition yet, or an established group of followers, have to ask themselves, ‘How do we engage with new clients on Twitter if people don’t know who we are?’ One technique is through Hashtags (#). Hashtags are Twitter topics users search by and post to, so they key is to incorporate relevant trending Hashtags into your Tweets. For example, a travel agency could Tweet about airline tickets to Scotland an incorporate #CommonwealthGames, which are set to begin in Glasgow later next week.

Here’s some great ideas to help boost your presence through trending # topics

  • Check out Trendsmap. This site will alert you of what the top trending hashtags currently are on Twitter for any location around the world. While this tool is free, the unpaid version simply shares what the latest trending tweets are. The paid version of Trendsmap provides more detailed information, such as the top trending videos and detailed geographic information.
  • Take note of the new Trending Topics feature on Facebook. This feature just rolled out in mid January, and is located at the top righthand side of your screen when you’re signed into Facebook. It’s worthwhile spending time to look through trending topics before determining posts.
  • Explore Google Trends to find out what people are searching for. Knowing what questions and topics people want addressed can help you to create content that they will find relevant and valuable.


Another way to generate new Twitter followers is through re-tweeting. You can search Twitter for topics relating to your industry or product and re-tweet posts you find relevant. I have noticed an increase in our followers after re-tweeting some of their posts. People tend to follow someone who has shown engagement on their accounts. And remember, if someone re-tweets your post, make sure to acknowledge it … Thanks for the RT. Social Media is all about engagement.

What strategy is your business using on Twitter?






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