COM0012 – Terminology as a communication strategy

COM0012 – Terminology as a communication strategy.

When I meet new people and I tell them that I’m a terminologist, they look puzzled. Some people have asked me if I work with terminals, something like computer terminals, or even with terminal diseases. Terminology isn’t a well-known profession. I didn’t know myself exactly what it was before getting the job.

In spite of being an unknown career, terminology is the first step to understand any specialized field. The purpose of terminology is to name things, to designate new realities. We canʼt look for words in a dictionary if we don’t know what that something (object, phenomenon or concept) is called.

Before thinking about building a social media strategy, I have to start explaining what we do. First of all, I have to say that terminologists work in the communication field. But our team needs all kinds of specialized knowledge in fields such as: biology, mechanics, legal, medicine, just to name a few. To use the right word, we need to understand the vocabulary use in every particular field. We help our clients develop customized glossaries, standardize their terminology and manage their terminology databank in both official languages in Canada.

In my next blogs, I am going to show with specific examples how important it is to have a good grasp of terminology, to understand differences between concepts as well as having a uniform terminology to communicate with your clients or other departments in your own company. I will give examples of funny situations created by the misuse of terms.


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