Social Customer Service – COM0011 – Blog #4

Remember how customer service with big companies felt like just a few short years ago?

Today, if we were to experience poor customer service as shown in the video above, you would most likely see a frenzy of people recording these events with their smartphones and posting them to their YouTube, Twitter and Facebook feeds!

Before Social Media, options to handle situations, such as those in the video, were limited. You could demand to speak to the supervisor, write or fax a complaint letter to the company or place a phone call. Lets use a phone call as an example: If I was to provide negative feedback around a product or service, that conversation was between myself and the individual on the other end of the phone. When that conversation ended, all that remained was dead air and I would have no idea what, if anything, was done with my feedback.

Those days are gone!

Mobile Technology, the Internet and social media have forever changed customer service and consumers have multiple ways to connect directly with companies to let them know how we feel. We will also share our experiences globally and more times than not, influence what people buy, where they buy and whose products to buy. Here’s a great article on the power of “word of mouth”. It’s no wonder companies are working very hard on providing exceptional social customer service because “fact is, being treated well has and always will matter to people”.

Below are some of the challenges faced by companies when it comes to proper social customer service:

  • Customers expect quick responses to their concerns or your brand faces a black mark
  • Due to the “sheer volume of conversations out there”, it can require a lot of resources ($$) to manage them properly
  • Meaningful and personal responses are expected!

Despite those challenges, companies have a real opportunity to connect with their customer and build strong relationships with them using what social media gives them. It’s a very competitive market, and some pretty “awesome companies” are going above and beyond when it comes to their customer care. No matter what the size of your company, you need to make sure you’re connecting with your customers, and paying attention to what your competition is doing to connect with them, too. Companies can use social media to create an amazing customer experience.

I would love to hear about a positive experience you’ve had with Social Customer Service and whether or not you used social media to share that experience with friends and family.



Picture: Google Images




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