COMM0014 Summer – A Week on the Beach!


Drop off the bags, it’s time to go!

I’m a beach guy, there’s no question in my mind. Offer me the chance to sit by a pool or on the beach and I’ll take the sand between my toes any day! So of course, when it was time to take a vacation, my honeymoon in fact, we chose a beach. Choosing seven days of sun and sand in Punta Cana gave us an idea. Rather than stress over choosing a new destination or resort we took to Facebook and posted a question “Who’s been to Punta Cana?” It was amazing how quickly the results came in. Following a few suggestions from family and friends we chose a nice resort and booked our trip.

The afternoon after our wedding we were off to Montreal a quick night’s sleep at a hotel paid for in part by Air Miles and it was time for a Monday morning flight to Punta Cana. In what felt like no time at all we arrived, and boy was it fantastic. As I’d learned on my last trip South the highlight of the beach in Punta Cana is always walking down to see the ship wrecks. A long walk from some resorts the ship wrecks along the beautiful white sand beach is an interesting tourist point. What a surprise it was to walk down to the beach after lunch and stare straight at this beautiful sight. For the next week I’d settle in, camp out and taking breaks from various books to marvel at the beautiful ocean.

Cut off from social media, during the day, we’d escape to the lobby in the evenings either before or after dinner to check for wedding photos. Scrolling through the news feeds and walls of our friends I had a thought, ‘We should have used a hashtag!’ Trying to find wedding photos is tough, guessing who might have posted photos online and checking your various email accounts for a glimpse of how other people enjoyed our night was difficult. A simple hashtag could have tied all those photos together.

I’m sure this brings up another question though, about social media on vacation. How connected is too connected? It’s a tough one and I know everyone is different. Personally, I like to let my family know I’ve arrived and shut it down. Seven days on the beach with a breeze and a book is heavenly to me. Not to mention buffets, beach side grills and a variety of other great spots to eat and drink. If it had not been my honeymoon I don’t think you ever would have found me checking in on Facebook, looking for photos.

As it always goes, seven days was not enough, by the time we were packing back up to leave I’d finally started to really feel relaxed. Five hours later I was home, well rested but sad, it will be some time before I get to see this beautiful beach again I’m sure.

What a beautiful view, can't wait to go back!

What a beautiful view, can you see the ship along the horizon?

One thought on “COMM0014 Summer – A Week on the Beach!

  1. With respect to your question “how connected is too connected” with relation to being on holiday, I am with you…pop your loved ones a note to say you are safe and sound and shut it down. It also ties in to safety and not announcing to the world that you are away and the house is empty via social networks! The picture of the beach looks amazing and I have to ask which resort did you honeymoon at?

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