Yo quiero good B2C social media practices

Yo Quiero Que?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Taco Bell wins when it comes to B2C social media. When your company’s social media presence gets its own compilation on sites like Buzzfeed, you know you’re doing something well. Here is why:

They’re not lazy
Taco Bell wins the social media marketing medal because not only does it have a huge impact on twitter (Taco Bell’s tweets get an average of 6000RTs per day), they also customize their presence across different social media platforms to increase not only their visibility, but also their impact. Taco Bell creates videos, memes, simple tweets, etc. This blog post details how they laid out a multi-channel campaign for their 25th anniversary. By tailoring their message and approach for each platform, they are making sure their messages gets across.

They invest in social media (and reap the benefits)
They have incorporated social media as an integral part of their marketing. “Since the (Doritos-flavoured shell) taco’s success, we’ve knocked down three conference rooms and created a new social-mobile listening room, where we’ve got the largest TV screens I’ve ever seen keeping track of what people are saying about our brand every day and everywhere.” (source)

Because they’ve plugged in with their audience and actively engage with it, they benefit as a result. Taco Bell replies to nearly every tweet it receives, so its audience is more likely to tweet them directly to illicit a response. In fact, their profits were lifted by 23% when they launched the new Doritos-flavoured shell and its associated marketing campaign in 2012 in which they launched social media contests for best tweets. (source)

Now, please, don’t assume I’m one of those crazed fans and have the Taco Bell Chihuahua tattooed on my ankle, I can’t even remember the last time I ate there. I just really admire their online presence and any business looking for a how-to in B2C should really take a look. Granted, their approach, their product and their audience isn’t the target of every business, but knowing how to be plugged in, actively engaging and investing in the social media tools available are universal.

Here’s another short article on their social marketing: Four Social Marketing Lessons to Learn from Taco Bell

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