Com0014 – Assignment #1 – Blog Post #5 – Personal Branding

Me 1 The Personal Brand  of Jayde

It’s funny, I have no problem talking about myself in the right context and I feel pretty secure in my abilities as I have worked hard to hone the positives that I like to believe define who I am. However when asked to write about it or put it down on paper than my mind goes blank. This feels uncomfortably like bragging and not only have I been taught my whole life about being modest and humble, I actually believe that those are endearing qualities to have. But a student has to follow dictates of her teacher so; I am putting aside all those uncomfortable feelings around describing myself out loud to find a way to express who I am as a personal brand.

About Me: I love to learn new things, I am very curious about how things around me work and to that end whenever I have a free moment, I am always looking to gain a better understanding of systems, processes and technology. I am a rock star at doing research fast, effectively and thoroughly. This has served me well in my various jobs because if I didn’t know an answer to a problem, I was always motivated to figure it out. This could be through asking questions, researching or taking a new course to learn new skills that I felt I needed to ensure I could do a kick butt job on any task assigned . This has also given me the ability to move up through the ranks pretty quickly regardless of the changes in company direction or management.

The flip side of this coin is that I hate things that are illogical, overly or unnecessarily complicated and not easy to use which has given me a critical eye in which to view processes or products. I am constantly motivated by this to find new and improved methods of getting work done. I truly believe that you should work smarter not harder and to that purpose I am always inventing new ways or proposing streamlined techniques to work flows. I have been found to be a very valuable employee as I don’t just talk about what’s wrong with our work or department; I will come armed with research and potential solutions to fix it.

Finally, one of my mottoes that I apply to all areas of life is” not to just talk about it, be about it”. It’s all good to complain about your job, your life and your relationships in fact I even think its cathartic for the soul to rant a little but at some point you need to buck up and make plans to change whatever things you are dissatisfied with.



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