Not Fundraising… Subscribing.

The request is simple : if you like my work, support me in creating more. Subscribe simply by pressing ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ on Facebook or Tumblr. Or, send me a monthly donation to ensure that I will be able to continue publishing content you love.

One of the many beauties of social media has been the ability of creators to fundraise online, and request help directly from their audience. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two sites that artists and creative collaborators have made much use of to present projects to their fans and request that their audience work together to raise a pre-determined amount of money for that specific project.

Recently, a new way of fundraising has started gaining a lot of popularity : subscription.

A purchase method most used with magazines and newspapers, internet based content creators now ask their audiences to subscribe through social media. Requesting subscriptions allows content creators to make a living off their work, and use funds raised for any project they believe their audience will enjoy.

Publishers such as Christopher Hastings ( Dr. Mcninja ), or Commonplace Books  (Welcome to Nightvale) are two such publishers : each content creator has asked their audience to show their love through donating.

Those who want to donate choose how much or how little they want to donate, and perks such as subscriber-only content are offered. Special individualized messages, gift packages, sneak peeks – these are all things that are offered to subscribers as incentive to show their support of their favourite comics, podcasts, videos and more.

Do you have a creative project you want to fund? Patreon and Subbable are here to help you reach out to your audience!


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