COMM0011 – Blog 3 – Defining My Audience

As I continue along this COMM0011 journey, I have discovered that my general business planning is evolving and getting better – more ‘enriched’ if you will.

The question on my mind these past few weeks has been: Who is my audience? Ironically, this is very similar to a common sense business planning question: Who is my customer?

Before going any further, it’s important to share that I am a self-employed in a service based business within the Health and Wellness world. Specifically, I am a Registered Massage Therapist and Personal Fitness Trainer. I specialize in neuromuscular performance and biomechanics, and it is my mission to help my clients fully connect to their optimal physical function.

Over the past 10 years, I have come to recognize the following characteristics of my clients:

– They are proactive with their health

– They VALUE their connection to their physical function and believe it has a direct impact on their quality of life

– They want to explore holistic, alternative strategies to improve their physical experience

These characteristics are typically indicative of potential clients that are more likely to invest and commit to the services that I offer.

I might recognize similar qualities in my audience, which is essentially a larger extension of the pool of current clients I work wit







4 thoughts on “COMM0011 – Blog 3 – Defining My Audience

  1. I’m curious to hear how you are using social media to reach those markets? What sort of return on invest will be measured? Is it site traffic, new customer referrals or simply a more open communication about health, fitness and life?
    This is perhaps one of the times when Facebook would be the better media, as opposed to Twitter to share your message.
    Would love to hear how you plan to use the various platforms!

    • These are all really great questions – and as yet I do not have those answers lol! I am truly a novice in the world of social media and this is what brought me to this course / certificate. It’s been amazing so far and will ultimately guide me in making all of the required decisions and answering your questions. Thanks for your interest and great questions 🙂 I will definitely share my experiences as they develop!

  2. I think that social media in this industry enabled heath care professionals to educate their clients about health and wellness options. What current social media tools do you use and do you find it helps with client retention?

    • Hi! Thanks for your support! I have not truly started using any social media tools as yet. Whenever I sat down to start the process – I felt as though I did not fully understand how to use these tools properly. This led me to enroll in COMM0011, to learn more about this whole world. I am learning tons already and am very excited to embrace this process for my business within the next year. Thanks you again for your input 🙂

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