COM0011-Blog Post #3 The Social Media tips from experts on the bus are amazing!

As I began to use social media platforms for marketing I was a little worried about ensuring I had compelling content to share regularly with my audience.  Where am I going to gather all the content for the posts and what about timing?  How often should I be sharing content?  How can I share content about events or promotions that are happening over the weekend or in the evening?  One of the social media experts I work with recommended using a content calendar to assist in pre-scheduling and organizing my posts. It is just a simple Excel spreadsheet with the following headings:

  • Content
  • Channel (the social media platform you are using)
  • Content category or theme (i.e. Did you know or promotion)
  • Text
  • Character count  (14o for twitter)
  • Visuals (i.e. for Facebook)
  • Link to include
  • When you want to schedule the post
  • Any other notes

Check this video out for reasons why having a content calendar is a great strategy:


Using this calendar along with the auto scheduling in Hootsuite has made managing the accounts and content so much easier.  It ensures that I am connecting with my audience regularly,  providing them with interesting content, keeping them engaged and meeting their needs.  Do you have any other social media content strategies that you could share?


The Importance of Sticking to a Content Calendar by Magnet Minute – Youtube

5 thoughts on “COM0011-Blog Post #3 The Social Media tips from experts on the bus are amazing!

  1. I really enjoyed your blog. I’m new to social media, so your advice on having a content calendar is something I’m going to look into further. I’m also going to explore Hootsuite to help in managing my various accounts. Do you find Hootsuite easy to use?

  2. I frequently use a calendar as well and find it very useful, especially when other projects may take your focus away from the net. But I’m curious, have you developed a strategy to ensure you’re listening to others and providing feedback with your posts?
    Over the weekend I heard a wonderful speaker talking about how he uses his Facebook to create a timeline of his life. Something he’ll want to look back on in 30 years when he’s retired and enjoy some of the things he’s maybe glossed over to this point in his career. This made me think about how we use social media, when using it in business, how important is communication versus activity. I believe it’s a fine line between being active and being engaged and I was curious whether or not you had a strategy?

  3. We have developed a social media strategy. We have goals, objectives, identified the target audience and have engagement strategies and ways to evaluate how well those strategies are doing i.e. a specific event Once we have identified the strategies, we utilize various social media tactics to execute our engagement strategies. The content calendar makes the content easier to organize and post and Hootsuite make the process easier to manage.

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