Com0014 – Assignment # 1 – Blog Post # 4 – B2C Case Study Samsung

B2C Case study Image


Social media engagement as a marketing tool can be a very powerful weapon in any company’s arsenal of weapons in pushing brand awareness and generating sales. It is a band wagon that it seems that everyone and their mother is jumping on but is anyone doing it well and how to determine what a successful effort looks like? Is it a return on investment in sales? Is it the amount of social shares on all channels or just a chosen few? Perhaps, it’s really depends on the goals an individual company has set and whether or not they are reaching it?

As a bit of tech junkie, I thought it would be interesting to look at how Samsung mobile is using social media to engage their audience. After some research, I found an article that quotes their CEO as making beating back the “Tsunami that is Apple” as the heart of their mobile strategic mission and at the core of their overall goals a user design experience approach that makes their products a part of the consumers  everyday life.

In order to meet their targets they have created content on several social channels starting with Youtube which they use to showcase their product offering and to create video logs that doubles as user guides. In keeping with their goal to fit into the lives of their consumers they interview users to find out how their Samsung product s has made their life better. They have also run contests to generate user created content that highlights Samsung devices in innovative and creative ways. Samsung has also debuted short videos on Vine that show off their phones capabilities in fun and offbeat methods.

On Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ Samsung has gone the route of self promotion tweets that use a mix of humour related to their products, information on device capabilities as well as tips to maximize their products better. With Facebook, they have a more personalized approach with charming pictures that show just how integral their products are with life on any occasion from Father’s day to picnics to the beach. As well, they seem to post fairly regularly and respond to customer messages.

The results: Samsung has certainly taken the mobile world by storm by having the majority of market share and profits in the Android mobile sector and as well as coming in a close second of the overall premium smartphone to Apple who has been the champion for some time. Samsung has also been ranked as the most shared video brand in 2013 with an impressive 7.3 million shares ( the most used social platforms and beating out Google for the top spot.

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