COM0014 Blog #4: Who’s Up For A Tasti Case Study?


Tennessee based frozen yogurt company Tasti D-Lite has been in business since 1987.  In 2011, the frozen yogurt company decided to take social innovation to a whole new level.

Tasti decided to take the road less travelled and not be cautious, not wait out the initial rush to “go social” in order to see which networks and social media techniques survive the test of time.  The Tasti D Lite Way (@tastidlite) argued that brands no longer have this luxury.  “Social is no longer the future of consumerism; it is the present state of consumerism.”

In addition to a blog and social networks, the company created a loyalty program that linked to customers’ social profiles.  Tasti D-Lite retooled their point-of-sale systems at more than 60 franchise locations in the US and around the world to be able to track loyalty and social media activity. Not only did customers receive loyalty points, but with a swipe of the card in-store customers created an immediate check-in either by Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (remember – this was big at the time), YouTube, and Foursquare. Brilliant – right!


(Source: @tastidlite)

This has allowed fans of Tasti D-Lite to have a way to engage with their favorite frozen dessert company in a way that means something. This, at the time, daring tactic paid off in a big way for this industrious company. Not only are companies trying to mimic this social media way of business life, but there’s also a book written by James Amos and BJ Emerson on Tasti D-Lite’s social media journey, The Tasti D Lite Way: Social Media Marketing Lessons for Building Loyalty and a Brand Customers Crave.

(Source: @tastidlite)

(Source: @tastidlite)

Does this engagement tactic tickle your taste buds or left a sour taste in your mouth? Share your thoughts.


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