COM0011 Blog #2: Video call me, Don’t just call

Faster than the speed of light…

Ok well, that could be an exaggeration.  Technology, communicating and the way we use it with social media is changing faster than… your average person, “cough” I can keep up with!  Along the way there are bound to be some glitches, bumps and mishaps to be worked out.  Learning from others is viral… vital!

Calling past

Recently I watched this clip to break up a work meeting which demonstrates a visual conference call.  I can not stress enough … you need to watch this!  Don’t drink anything while doing so, (or you might spray it back out) and go into a private room if at work .  A Conference Call in Real Life video posted on you tube is out loud hilarious.

Video present

It’s a good thing we’re traveling at the speed of light as this video, Future of video conferencing was posted December 2010 on you tube boasting about the next uses.  By now, it seems common place and ordinary in 2014.  With so many different options on the web and mobile devices it’s easy to video conference (eg. Skype, FaceTime).  Suggesting uses from educating, monitoring businesses, employees reporting to work from alternate locations are incorporated including personal connecting with friends and family at a distance.  It allows such a flexibility to our environment and for face to face communication with anyone instantly without the need for travel.  This type of communication is here to stay.

Video future

I’m already too late!  What I even imagine to be futuristic is current.  The next video imaging explosion could be 3D hologram imaging.  Thanks you tube again, if you skip to 2:15 you’ll get the best part of the 3D Holographic Power Presentation from 2013!  Already it’s sooo last year!

life size hologram projectionI can only imagine that advancements will continue to move at a rapid pace.  Improvements, adaptations, new applications and uses will be pushed beyond what I’ve imagined in the next decade.  Decade…?  It won’t take that long!  ZZZzzzzooom


phone booth image from

iPhone image from

3D hologram image from


2 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog #2: Video call me, Don’t just call

  1. Hahaha that phone conference video is hilarious and so true! Our organization uses phone / video conferences quite often and depending on who the Chair is, the call could turn out like that. Just like a regular old fashioned meeting around the boardroom table, I think it’s always important to have a strong leader who can manage the meeting effectively.

    Yes, technology has really changed the workplace and the way we do things. With the price of gas and inconvenience of having to travel a great distance for an hour-long interview, why not use Skype or Google Chat (at least for the first round of interviews). I often use Skype to conduct interviews – I hired a candidate interviewing from South Korea last year!

    Skype and other messenger tools (we use Microsoft Lync and Google Chat at work) are wonderful for connecting with staff who work remotely or who are in different divisions. Everyone has become more accessible (perhaps, too accessible).

  2. A good chair can make a meeting go from normal to impressive. Perhaps that’s what a good social medium can do also.
    I too have used Skype to attend a long distance meeting and interviews. Instead of traveling 5 hours one way, for a one hour meeting I was able to attend the meeting, get updated and contribute to the content instead of the alternative which was missing the meeting altogether. Far more cost effective and simple to set up on both ends.

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