Has the #hashtag gone too far? Well, in some situations I think so. I will start off by mentioning where it seems to work wonders. On Instagram for instance, it is used in overkill listing ingredients of someone’s full supper. In many ways Instagram tends to lend itself freely to the use of #hashtags. Post a simple photo of your meal and list every ingredient seems to be a trend in itself.

On Twitter it works well for following a trend, newsworthy event, or awareness campaign. For example #BringBackOurGirls, received and continues to receive world attention as it should.

The #hashtag is a simple and useful tool bringing attention to causes and items worthy of being searched, thus starting a trend that can be followed.

People even adopted a new way of talking using #hashtags in their speech. Something that Jimmy Fallon jumped on and was part of a skit with Justin Timberlake.

A little too far? Maybe in the skit it took it a little far but the one area I feel the #hashtag has been taken a bit far in Social Media is #hashtaging words like “the”, “and”, “it” and so on. On its own who is going to search the word “the” for latest trends? Certainly not the general public. I think the #hashtag is best served being used sparingly and with a sense of focus.

The #hashtag has been seen as the butt of many jokes and I think it’s healthy to have a sense of humour around the use of #hashtags.



Video courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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4 thoughts on “COM0011 – Blog 4 – HAS THE #HASHTAG GONE TOO FAR?

  1. I am going to have to side with the hashtag going too far. When my kids first starting using Instagram (i’m going back a bit now) they would post a picture and #hashtag words that had nothing to do with what they were posting i.e. your example of #the or #it. I asked them why they were doing this and what was the point and they answered that it was simply to try and generate views and likes. I can remember a point where every single post had #YOLO attached to it! I am also going to admit that I oftened used hashtags to simply try and be a little funny at the end of a post. The tides have changed now though. I don’t see nearly as many hashtags on my teens posts and when I asked them why, they said it was just too much effort – #shocking!

  2. It’s interesting how the hashtag become something that was used to generate attention, likes follows. When used properly they are a great means of generating communication. I believe that when awards shows and events have a hashtag they can really harness and measure fan engagement, but they can also be completely over used. Since Facebook added hashtags I have seen far less used, as it’s almost become ‘uncool’ to hashtag everything. Maybe as your kids have suggested it is just simply too much effort now?!

  3. I love this blog because I love #hashtags! I agree with Jeremy that when used for big events or TV shows, it can create a lot of traction for a specific topic (#MMVA). I find they are also popular for city pride (ie: #YGK – official hashtag for the City of Kingston).

    Hashtags on Facebook are still in their infancy compared to Instagram and Twitter. In my opinion, Facebook hashtags are useless and seem out of place. However, I use them as a demonstration of my sense of humour and I think a lot of people do the same. For example, I post an awful lot of cat pictures (yes, I’m one of those people… #crazycatlady) and I always use #3legsoflove. Why? Because my cat only has 3 legs! Will #3legsoflove start trending? Not likely. Do my friends appreciate and adore my 3-legged cat? Absolutely!



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