COMM011 – Getting Started with Social Media…..

I am overwhelmed. That is the best way I can describe the feelings I have toward this course so far :).

Don’t get me wrong, I am also very excited for all that I can potentially learn – but let’s just say that the world of social media has been akin to a rather large white elephant in the room standing quietly right behind me. Patiently waiting for me to turn around and finally give it the acknowledgement it deserves!

My sense of being overwhelmed might be due to the fact that up until very recently, my understanding of social media was limited to the context of some of the more common tools (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.). I did not think of it as within a context of social behaviors – or as a shift in communication styles…..

Looking at it through this lens bestows a sense of urgency upon me. I suddenly feel like I have been missing out on something far more important than I could have ever anticipated. I want to learn more about this ‘world’ and jump in with both feet!

In addition to reading the course lessons and references, I decided to take to the Google search to see what else I could find to support this new quest for knowledge. Searching the term ‘ social media’ led me to the website This site presents itself as the home to an online community for professionals in the PR, Marketing, Advertising and any other business where social media is ‘mission critical’. While this site might be a bit ‘advanced’ for me at this stage – I have decided I am going to visit regularly and pay attention to some of the more experienced blog authors. I have learned that making small investments of time in activities like this always pay off in the end. Much like learning a language by spending time in the country of its origin.

To wrap things up, I am specifically interested in learning how to tap into the social behaviors of potential customers. I am a self-employed person that needs to learn the ropes of social media, if I don’t –  it could cost me my business over the long-term. I look forward to this journey and to learning from everyone!


3 thoughts on “COMM011 – Getting Started with Social Media…..

  1. Interesting you bring up feeling overwhelmed. I too was a bit overwhelmed until starting this course. Being lost in an array of Social Media concepts and just not having the basics left me overwhelmed too.

      • Doing great! Part of the overwhelmed feeling has gone now onto Monitoring and measurement!! LOL Lots of great stuff in this course! Blog writing has taken on a life of it’s own for me…. i now have a few personal blogs i am writing as well…

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