Com0014 -Assignment # 1 Blog post #2 – Communication Styles

earCommunication Styles  casual call


Communication is definitely a two way process; who really wants to read or listen to anyone blathering on about a topic that has no relevance to you personally? Without a doubt, learning to listen to your audience is a key component in being able to communicate effectively and engage with your community.

I worked for several years in a call center and one of my biggest takeaways from that experience is that people will often have a hard time hearing what you have to say if you don’t show them that you have listened to what they said first. When applying this to social media; you can’t know what your audience is interested in and build in riveting content if you don’t take the time to monitor the market you want to reach and understand what it is they want to know.

I also think that we live in an age of sensationalism, where big and bold catch phrases, title s or headlines are required to capture the attention of a society that certainly struggles with attention deficit disorder. Anything less, will tend to get lost in a sea of internet informational overload. There are just so many options and possibilities for finding just about anything that you are looking for.

Does any anyone else think it is amazing how the phrase “Google it” has become not only integral to our everyday language but in about 10 years that it is actually a dictionary definition? Am I alone in thinking that digital marketers or social media mavens are now a dime a dozen? Where maybe just 5 years ago, it was a relatively new field? How on earth does one stand out in the plethora of writers, bloggers and journalists who all have a story to tell and are pushing their content in our collective faces?

I guess it all comes back to communication; being concise, clear and laser targeting your audience with content that they will care about.

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