Comm 0015 March 2014 – Blog Post 5 – Event Participation

On May 29, I facilitated a 90 minute session, Social Media Marketing Overview, at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Community Adult Learning Councils and Family Literacy Organizations at Grande Prairie Regional College.  The Chair of my Department told me that this group was looking for someone to speak about social media, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to apply some of the concepts I’ve learned in the Social Media Certificate Program.

Here is an excerpt from the first e-mail that the event organizer, Renée LaBoucane, sent me:

 I am working with Community Adult Learning Councils and Family Literacy Organizations on their joint annual meeting that we host at GPRC in Grande Prairie May 29-30.  There will be 20-30 coordinators who work at these non-profit organizations who are looking for guidance on how to use social media to market their programs and services.  Most of the coordinators come from north western Alberta rural communities.  They would like to know some best practices for social media, trends in social media, etc.  Some would like a longer hands on session. 

Based on comments from the attendees, the session went fairly well.  It was a challenging talk, since the audience had varied experience and interest with social media.  The session was held in a computer lab and I tried to make it as interactive as possible by incorporating real online examples, Twitter searches, etc.  If I were to do this talk again, I’d include more “real life” case study examples.

Link to the Power Point slides I used.



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