COMM 0014 – Blog #1 – Making Memories

My last summer vacation was a family road trip with my husband and 3 daughters aged 14, 12, and 9.  Our goal is to always make memories for and with our kids, so family vacations are another step in that process.

First Stop:  Stowe

Our first stop was Stowe, Vermont where we spent 2 nights in a lovely little hotel with a covered bridge right on site.


The covered bridge made for some great photo opps!


This made for great picture opportunities and lots of frog catching time.

Frog Catching

Hours spent ‘hunting’ for frogs!

It’s a beautiful town with spectacular mountain scenery and of course the ‘not-to-be-missed’ trip to Ben & Jerry’s for an ice cream treat!


On to Maine…

From Stowe we headed south on a 4+ hour scenic drive through the White Mountains, into the state of Maine where we reached our final destination, the KOA campground in Old Orchard Beach.  Sadly is was quite cold and raining hard, so after quickly setting up camp, we did some groceries and settled into our pj’s for a movie night in the trailer.

Old Orchard Beach was our base to explore the area.  There are lots of touristy things to see and do down by the ocean front and the pier.  And of course lots of tasty New England fare to be had at every turn.  We did as much as we could, including at least one picnic at the beach so the kids could swim in the cold Atlantic waves, a day trip to shop in Freeport, visited some quaint ocean-side villages, a day at a water park and plenty of walking around the pier.



Plus the KOA itself has lots of activities to keep everyone occupied.  And, since it was the July 4th weekend every evening saw fireworks.  Boy do they know how to celebrate with fireworks!  It seemed that we were in for a spectacular show no matter the night or where we turned.  The running joke became ‘are they done yet’?


The Comfort of Familiarity

The final leg of our journey was renting a cottage with friends in northern Vermont.  This is a family tradition, having been doing it for over 10 years.  It was another spectacular drive through the White Mountains with lots of excited chatter in the van in anticipation of seeing our friends and the lake front.  My husband and I are also thrilled that this is a completely Wi-Fi free zone that will force the kids off the screen and into the great outdoors.

The next 2 weeks we spent with lots of paddling trips, swimming, fishing, good friends, food and wine.  The weather was great, but I even enjoy the sound of the rain on the cottage roof.


Although only a year ago, it seems a fantastical memory.  Our hope is that these are the memories our kids will carry with them.  We are looking forward to  making more memories this summer when we set out on our next road trip to Boston.

What memories do you have vacationing as kid?

One thought on “COMM 0014 – Blog #1 – Making Memories

  1. Your vacation sounds wonderful and is reminiscent of memories of some of my family vacations in that it was a time to reconnect, get to know each other again and spend time making quality memories that can be shared for years to come.

    You pictures are fantastic as well. It seems that these days we take pictures and that they live on our memory cards until we are forced to download them and then they have a non-glamorous life living on our hard drives. A blog can be an ideal place to let those photos shine.

    Hopefully you will have to opportunity to make some more memories in the near future.

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