When it comes to my work in the child care field, I check Twitter,  followed by Facebook. Image

I find that you can read through a page or so of my Twitter feed and feel instantly updated on what people are talking about, thinking about, and engaged in.  Like jumping into a party.

Facebook, I find gives me a little more depth (longer posts) on what’s new and trending with pages and people I want to hear about; new information, ideas and trends in child care. 

Pinterest is the other platform I check daily, because my online presence surrounds my 100 Days of Child Care Programming pages, I like to check Pinterest for daily inspiration and new ideas on activities and art that can be done with children. 

Google + is the final place I browse through for the same reason as Pinterest.

For general news and personal interest, I like to read Mashable as they seem to collect some of the most  interesting posts and stories that are just out.  They tend to be really on top of what’s trending.

I also like to keep CBC as my homepage so I can read about what happening in ‘real world’ and not necessarily the ‘social world.’    




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