COMM0015 – Blog #4 Out of the Box

Before this course, I did not realize or recognize that a major component of social media use was to direct followers to information of the organizations choosing. Often times, tools such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are used to draw viewers to the organizational website or other blogs that align with the organizational mission.

Prior to studying social media marketing, it had not occurred to me that while social media could be used as a platform to get timely information out to followers, a major use is to direct the flow of viewership.

As an example, while I discovered Marie Forleo first through YouTube and then twitter, I became a more active follower when I started using her website; leaving comments and interacting with other followers. Her videos and twitter posts often direct you to her website for more discussion.

Additionally, I could see organizations using social media as a means of keeping followers connected on a personal level, such as the way Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up give you access to parts of their lives through Instagram and YouTube, while at the same time directing you back to their website for the next workout, recipe and commercial goods.

The uses of social media today compared to what we have seen in the past has changed dramatically as more and more sources become available and more organizations and individuals use the various tools. The future of social media is indefinite, as this relatively new medium for marketing evolves at an increasingly rapid pace.

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