.Periods can be confusing at first – COM0011 Blog 1

COM0011 Blog Post #1

Don’t be nervous, periods are natural and might confuse the average twitter user.

Unintentionally your followers may not be getting some of your tweets that you intended to reach.  When you send tweets and want to be sure to include all of your followers, remember this handy tip.  I had no idea twitter had this little quirk until finding this slide show linked to a tweet. 

Humour works.

Who hasn’t felt frustrated and wanted to shout it to the whole world?  If you weren’t actually telling many people it might put a kink in your stomping and pouting plan.  What a great scenario for the average user to relate to.  It clearly shows how to use a period effectively and how it is misused.  On the flip side, I think it will be easy to imagine positive situations you wouldn’t want to miss sharing with everyone.  Such as sharing news, or how cool your new bike looks and not just sharing with the person you are tweeting at.

Social media is connecting us, educating us and still giving us tips how to do it better.  I enjoy learning through other social media outlets and twitter posts, as simple as a tiny period in the right place.

Has social media taught you anything recently?




5 thoughts on “.Periods can be confusing at first – COM0011 Blog 1

  1. After reading your blog and the slideshow, I had to test it out for myself… who knew that a tiny little period could make or break your Tweet! Thanks for this tip. I will definitely be sharing this trick with my co-workers!

  2. I remember reading awhile ago about using punctuation on Twitter for different results. It had slipped my mind and thank you for your post to bring it to the forefront! It’s amazing the amount of things we learn on Social Media. Very useful tip that I will remember this time!

  3. I had know idea about using the period, that is such a great thing to learn! It is especially great to know you can use the period and save your limited characters for the actual message.

  4. I asked my husband if he knew this and…of course he did! 🙂 I, on the other hand, had no idea! I asked him how he found out and he couldn’t quite pinpoint it but it wasn’t from Twitter. I will definitely share this information – thank you!

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