How I Love to Get My News

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My two favourite social media listening tools are Social Mention and Addictomatic. I really love Social Mention (see: I enjoy it for its ease of use. By simply typing in a keyword, I can get information on my school board and recent articles. I can subscribe to an RSS feed. It also gives me a sentiment rating about my content, how many unique authors are viewing my content and the frequency that my content is viewed. It tracks different social media and news feeds such as Facebook and Yahoo. It also tells me about top users and unique users, including those who I may not want to use it – such as photography studios who may be pilfering my photos.

I also love Addictomatic ( I think the thing I like about it best is again the ease of access and use. You simply type in a search term – like my school board – and I get automatic results on major platforms such as YouTube, Flickr, and Twittersearch.

I think my two favourite sources of newsfeeds are and because of the wide swath of news they cover.

I particularly like because of its ever-expanding use of the citizen reporter and their videos – it gets not only the national news but the little interesting stories and inspirational videos that are so enjoyable (see:

Professionally, through both NPR and CNN I am able to keep up with news about education and what else is going on in the world.

I am also a fan of the quirky news that can be found on podcasts from NPR. This is important to my professional life in that it gives me a chance to decompress with funny commentary on programs such as CarTalk (see:, and allows me to reflect on new fresh ideas on the way I want to work professionally and live my life with programs such as the TED Radio Hour. (see:

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