People tell stories and everyone has a story to tell.  Storytelling is important to digital content because it puts a face, a character or a personality to an otherwise faceless media outlet.

People plug in to social media to make connections, and storytelling make those connections happen in the way that stories, people’s stories come from the heart, and people reading the stories feel they know something personally about the storyteller.

What story is here for this martial arts school?

What story is here for this martial arts school?

Big companies are often concerned with their corporate brand.  The public are familiar with their brand and know what to expect.  But imagine, when that brand moves from being some untouchable entity somewhere out there to a series of personal stories about Damien Thomas’ experiences with that company, or how his grandfather grew up with that company’s products in his house, the brand is made personal and is brought closer to the consumer.  When people think about the brand they now think about Damien’s experiences and how his experiences are familiar or connected to their own.

People will gravitate toward what they know and trust.  If companies can create digital content that is derived from people’s stories, they will create an online atmosphere of trusted social connections.

In order to create interesting digital content that people can connect with, I plan to write colourful life experience stories about my work in child care.  I think telling stories that people can relate to will bring them to my blog over and over because they will have their similar stories to tell.

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