COM0015-Blog#4: Out of the Box

Beginning this course, I had very very little experience with Social Media therefore most of what I learned has admittedly been unexpected. If I were to really pin point one application that stood out for me it would be some of the tools available to companies, bloggers, etc to monitor the activity of their site. Google Analytics in particular was incredibly informative as was Hootsuite.

With one of my assignments, I was able to use this tool to view a company’s monitoring of their goals, and direction. It was clear to the organization what was greater interest to the public, which allowed the company to better target possible clients. The company I reviewed also had recently upgraded their website, and had created more interaction with clients through Facebook and Twitter. Doing this, they discovered the number of followers doubled within a couple of weeks. This information is incredibly important to the success of every company out there.

In addition to reaching a wider audience that they may not otherwise have reached, getting immediate and direct feedback from existing clients proved to be very informative. The company can quickly move to corrective action when necessary and generally get a good feel for how their customers think, and feel about their product allowing them to maximize profits in their competitive industry. They no longer ‘guess’ what their customers are thinking, they ‘know’.

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