COMM0014 Blog #5: Personal Brand

Several years ago, when just starting my career, I was introduced to the concept of a personal brand. I felt like I was starting with a pretty blank slate, which excited me! This was because I felt like I had the control to really think about and mold a personal brand that I could be proud of. Little did I know that the personal characteristics and character traits that I had developed years before starting my career, were the very things that would reemerge to help form my personal brand. Much like our course reading mentioned, it is not about being fake or plastic to create the what you think is the ‘ideal’ personal brand, but rather it is about being authentic and honest to create a real personal brand.

Today, when I think of my own personal brand I think of someone who is creative and not afraid of a challenge. My imagination that was cultivated since I was young has carried over to ‘out of the box’ thinking in my career. My organization has just started dealing in the business of social media over the past few years, and I am currently handling the file. In this regard, I would consider myself a social media pioneer in my organization.

The great thing about ones personal brand is that is always evolving. In the coming months, I will be a first time mom, which will no doubt allow me to add new skills and character traits to my brand.

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