Blog Post 4- The Social Future and You: The Secret is Out


The Secret is Out


It would be naive of us to think that our online presence, however grande or small it may be, can go unnoticed and private on our social media platforms. Countless posts about our feelings, where/what we’re doing, photgraphs of documented memories to share with your friends, and let’s not forget the contact information and personal details on some profiles.

We’re a walking billboard of our lives online, to some degree at least, but do we need to be more careful what we post and share? Who might be lurking in the shadows of the internet? It’s common sense that information can be accessed at the click of a button, swipe of the finger, or quick jabber of a voice command. So what excuses us from those seekers of information, whether notorious or not?


‘Government snooping on social media may breach Privacy Act’

So reads the headline of a recently published CBC article outlining the questions being raised by Privacy Commissioner Chantal Bernier to the Canadian Government, concerning their retrieval of online information on Canadians. The article quotes Bernier’s written concerns form a letter,  “we are seeing evidence that personal information is being collected by government institutions from social media sites without regard for accuracy, currency and accountability.” The letter dated Feb. 13 also reads: “Should information culled from these sites be used to make administrative decisions about individuals, it is incumbent upon government institutions to ensure the accuracy of this information.”

I’m sure it was never too farfetched to imagine that big brother is watching. Tuning in on our online social lives and daily puttering about our social communities. But aren’t we entitled to some online privacy? Isn’t that what we signed up for, thinking we were in control of who viewed our content, by being selective. Surely the impression is there when selecting who follows your twitter, joins your linkdin network, or friends list on facebook.

Maybe we missed the fine print somewhere. Maybe this is the way the majority of people want things. Easily displayed information about themselves, their lives, so people can inform themselves and stay up to date with you. Unknowingly sharing countless details about yourselves or daily mishaps and adventures. Friends, companies, the government. Or do we draw the line somewhere and try and take some control over our online social interaction? If we can?



CBC News Online:


One thought on “Blog Post 4- The Social Future and You: The Secret is Out

  1. Certainly not too far-fetched to imagine, but still uncomfortable nonetheless. I’m glad you brought focus to the fact that it seemed like we were in control of who sees the content we post and share online, on platforms like Facebook. Because that’s certainly how I thought it was until all of this sort of news started coming to light. Fantastic article.

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