Com 0014 March 2014 – Graded Discussion 2 – Is Personal Branding Dead?

Many of us have seen ineffective personal branding play out in our social media feeds. I have an acquaintance who is a personal trainer who regularly posts photos with captions like: “Just finished a great 10 km training run dressed in my Brand Y crop top, Brand X sport shorts, and Brand Z trainers.” Ugg. If I want a cheesy commercial, I’d go watch some bad reality TV on a cable channel numbered higher than 50.

However, posts like my above example tend to be the exception rather than the rule. The really compelling stuff on social media is authentic. If You Tube has taught us anything, phonies get ignored, at best, or mocked, at worst.

Branding and authenticity are not necessarily contradictory concepts. If anything, the concept of personal branding is a good filter to consider before posting content. Ask yourself, “Do you want your name associated with this content?” Having an idea of what your personal brand is more of a good check for proper netiquette, rather than a sanitization of your internet image.


Bill Corcoran

Comm 0014 – March 2014 start

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