Social Media Analytics: it’s Confusing!

Johanne Albert – Blog post #4


Am I the only one to be confused about all the measurements, monitoring and analytics that can be done for social media? There are so many networks available out there (Google Analytics, Woopra, HootSuite,, SocialToo,..just to name a few!). A big lesson learned from the point of view of someone who has a small business is that it’s not only important to be PRESENT on social media and providing content, but how to MEASURE and EVALUATE is just as, if not more important for your business.

Measurements are essential to an organization that wishes to know what the outcome of their use of social media creates for their business. However, after reviewing networks (most of which I did not know existed prior to this class!), I realize that many of these measurement tools are geared towards large corporation or organization that have a budget to create strategies and evaluate them. Measuring and analyzing social media is not a small feat and most can’t do it alone. Many of these networks offer various packages depending on the services you need. Since I have no budget for this, I researched two which are free of use (to a certain extent). I have to say, I love living in this era where you can search YouTube for pretty much ANYTHING! I am very visual and had to search the tools below on YouTube to actually “see” and understand better what they can provide. Hope it can help all of you as well 🙂

Google Analytics:

If you have a website, blog and you are present on social media, you can track all sorts of things via this amazing tool. I personally find it a bit more time consuming and you have to be a little more “tech savy” to manage your way around it. With Google Analytics you can, among many other things:

– understand how your visitors use your website

– know where your visitors are coming from

– know where your leads are coming from

To know more about Google Analytics, check out this webinar, presented by N-VisionIT Interactive to the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce:

What do you think? Has anyone used Google Analytics for their personal website, if so, did you find the analysis was useful to you?


Personally, I find this one is very user-friendly and more useful for entrepreneurs. If you have a small business and use Twitter, Facebook , Linkedin, WordPress – this is the tool to use! You can manage all your accounts from this ONE tool rather than login in and out of each one. It does offer some analytics. Also, you can schedule Tweets and posts, this is very useful for entrepreneurs who are too busy to Tweet ‘live” all the time. I just created my account and am looking forward to SAVE TIME!

Blog 4


Sentiment Analysis

A newer term in analyzing/tracking social media trends is “sentiment analysis” which is very hard to quantify! Tweet Feel, Viral Heat, Sentiment Metrics are a few of many tools available for this type of analysis. One industry which has benefited very much with this type of analysis is the entertainment industry. They are now able to predict which movie will be a success or failure because of tweets and hashtags and emoticons. That baffles me – its pretty incredible what these tools are capable of “quantifiying”.

Check out this video from IBM pertaining to Sentiment Analysis:


Bottom line: small business entrepreneurs have no budget for high cost type of analysis and don’t necessary need the level of details Nike or Coca-Cola would. That being said, I think it is important to be able to evaluate if your social media presence is working for you with these two great FREE tools!



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