COMM0014 Blog #4: B2C Case Study

Currently, I follow TD Canada (@TD_Canada) on Twitter. I would argue that the bank is in the business of both B2C and B2B, but they do a really good job of social media marketing to both audiences. TD Canada isn’t necessarily in the business of selling conventional retails products, such as clothes, cars appliances, etc….Instead, it is the bank’s hope that they can sell consumers on bank products such as bank accounts, credit cards, and mortgages. Making bank products interesting is a challenge that I think the company has rose to.

 TD Canada does a really great job at demonstrating how their products can improve the lives of consumers. They often post a variety of different articles, photos and links that not only speak to what their products offer, but also demonstrates how their variety of bank products can serve the diverse needs of their consumers. To me, this is indicative of a company who is listening to their customers and is trying to appeal to as many of them as possible. Whether its posting about travel, in relation in their travel credit card, or having a tweet chat with a mortgage expert to promote their mortgage products, TD Canada’s post are always interesting and relevant.

 The account also serves a customer service role, by engaging directly with followers who have questions. In this way, I think the brand is not only keeping their products relevant but also very accessible.

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