COMM 0014: B2C CASE STUDY – Red Ted Art
Red Ted Art is a children’s programming site for parents and teachers searching for unique activities and crafts to do with young children.
The site is a blog which engages its audience with regular, colourful posts of children’s art activities. The site uses large photographs of children immersed and engaged in the posted activities which is very motivating for the reader. There a easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for the adults, which makes implementing or doing the activities with children seem very simple and fun to do.
The blog is set up for user to make regular comments on the activities, which many do, and regularly engages the users with challenges to try the posted activities at home or in class. Most of the users do try them and then post their results.
This appeals to many of the user’s sense of pride, as they receive regular feedback on the activities they’ve posted, either Kudos of a job well done, or helpful hints for next time.
Audience engagement on the blog is very high quality. Reponses to comments are direct and focused to the users comments. Readers can tell there is an interested person responding to the comments as the comments are personal, and have character. They are not general.
The blog has several links to the usual suspects of external social media sites and pages, so users can further engage on just about any platform available. The same is true for bringing users from those external platforms to the blog.


There is; however something for sale behind all of the conversations, comments and thriving community.
Books. How to ones. Lots of them.
Most people arrive and stay on the blog for the wealth of ideas presented and community connections, but can become further immersed in the hub of activity by buying the available books.
The entire blog provides a clear sense of easy and fun activities that anyone can do with children, and should you buy the books, you can take the entire community with you. There is a sense that by buying on of the books you’re buying a piece of the community to take with you.

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