COM0015: Blog #2 Strong & Weak Organizations

Tone It Up and Marie Forleo are two companies who base their organizations entirely in the virtual world; and do it well. These companies have had a major impact on me and many of my “online friends” for all things Health & Fitness (Tone It Up) and Lifestyle & Career (Marie Forleo). Through their YouTube videos, continual updates on facebook, pinterest, twitter and/or instagram, and blog posts on their website, followers feel connected to them. They make you want to be their friend in the real world!

With all the great work these organizations do, one main reason people keep coming back is because of the sense of community they create. You start interacting with other followers and get a conversation going. Something that Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up do especially well is their interactions with their followers. Getting a like, favorite, retweet, regram from them is outlandishly thrilling (going into girlish fits of glee over a like and retweet is both thrilling and somewhat embarrassing J)

The thing about these women is that they are all regular everyday women. But their use of social media and virtual platforms has resulted in these exceedingly successful organizations, now multimillion dollar ventures, both in under 5 years time. All through the use of the web!! I mean, how amazing is that!

An organization that could use social media to its advantage is the Glebe Community Association. Though they have a basic website set up for information sharing, the opportunities for directed promotion of their events and causes could be improved through social media such as twitter, facebook, youtube and instagram. Their main event, The Great Glebe Garage Sale, through by most standards very successful, could be even more improved by promoting in the pre, on-site and post stages. The opportunity to create a buzz and conversation might bring this longstanding event (inception 1986) even more success.

The website is poorly laid out and it is frustrating to find the date of the event, let alone in what vicinity of the Glebe it will take place. These details should be sent out to followers well in advance, highlighting different opportunities for vendors and attendees. Initially, creating a facebook page where all forms of media promotion can be posted (pictures, videos, etc.), would be a good starting point. These days, most people have a facebook page, and can follow the group. They should also cross promote through twitter and encourage interaction with attendees, vendors and organizations within the City of Ottawa. Perhaps this would create an opportunity to expand the scope of the event, increase tourism and raise profits for their causes.

Finally, creating a position for a social media specialist on their board or committee would also be beneficial. Reorganizing the fluidity of their website and connecting browsers to their social media platforms would enable awareness and conversation for all their events and activities.

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