Being a Grammie

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As I finally come to the end of this course,”Introduction to Social Media”, it has been most interesting and fun to blog, I have found it challenging at times to find the time to complete the tasks at hand in life on a daily basis some days. I have become a Grammie to three beautiful babies in the year of 2012. My three daughters had three babies all within 3 months of each other. My life changed forever, I remember everyone telling me you will say,”I wished I had had my grandchildren first as it is so much fun”! And it has been fun. It has been heartbreaking too.

My first grandchild Keira, beautiful and brilliant in her new life on earth was walking and beginning to babble like she was really telling you a story with her hands up in the air. She contracted an evil bacterial “pneumococcal meningitis” at 15 months of age. Our lives were turned upside down. The three babies had been very close at each developmenal stage and my daughters spent all their time together with their new bundles. This was not supposed to happen. Many have asked why? We don’t know why ? It happened! And thank God for CHEO and thank God for the support of prayers, family and community.

Keira was just discharged from the hospital at the end of March 2014, she is a fighter, she has endured an incredible journey. We almost lost her-it wasn’t her time. We saw many other children at CHEO and met so many people on heartbreaking journeys too. She had severe strokes as a result of her meningitis and lost her ability to talk and walk and her hearing in one ear. She needs to have surgery on her eyes to correct them. She had to have a tracheostomy to help her breathe due to the damage of the strokes. This will come out soon and the night nurse will no longer be needed. She is a happy sweet baby that works hard everyday to walk, roll over, hold her head up, and strengthen her muscles so she hopefully walk once again. She gets lots of therapy everyday at CHEO and the state of the art aids to assist her. We believe in time she will walk and talk again. She has two cousins who she will grow up with and she needs to be able to run and play with them. Keira is continuing to amaze us everyday!

As a Mother,(Grammie) you never expect to see your child endure such pain as they watch their child endure what Keira has been through. We are grateful for her progress.

I have two other sweet darlings who I see often and we still all get together to encourage Keira. They are Keegan and Lilyrae, I can’t have enough of them in my life! I am very blessed.

Texting was a big part of our communication while Keira was in hospital for 6 months but it was mostly face to face, just showing up to give love and support. Keira is now 22 months.

I wanted to tell you that tomorrow (April 24th, 2014) is “World Meningitis Awareness Day” and it is to bring awareness to everyone about this terrible bacterial infection and the importance of immunization,knowledge of symptoms etc.

I said this at my daughters’ weddings, (as they were breathtaking days for me), “Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take but rather by the number of moments that take our breathe away”.

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