COM0011 Blog Post #5 – Keep Calm and Blog On


As we finish up with this Intro to Social Media for those who may have never blogged before have posted you now have a handful under your belt and even though my first blog of this course wasn’t my first blog, each time I write a blog, I remember how typing those first sentences to your first blog can be intimidating. Who is going to read this? Who is even going to care what I have to say? Just go for it! If you are passionate about something than write about it. Chances are there is someone out there that is passionate about the same thing.

This course has helped me build my confidence when it comes to writing blogs. Now I know that I am no expert on blogging but what I do know there is much more to a blog that the words. John Egan posted a great blog 13 tips for starting a blog and keeping it going  that can get any beginner going and keep any expert going.

I wish that I could have read these tips months ago but just because this isn’t my first blog doesn’t mean that these tips aren’t a great reference point for all my blogs going forward. There is nothing wrong with referring back to the basis. The basisc can sometimes get lost the more seasoned we beomce.

I am looking forward to continuing my blogging in COM0012.

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One thought on “COM0011 Blog Post #5 – Keep Calm and Blog On

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I also think I will continue to blog and this course was my first time to blog as well! I like the keep calm and blog on! I havea couple of more to complete before the time runs out. I better get to it! I am trying to get a topic that is captivative..

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