Com0015 March 2014 – Discussion 2

How do I feel about networking in person? Networking online?

Didn’t some famous dude once say, “You can never have too many friends.” A large, knowledgeable network is really helpful for learning new things and getting assistance when needed. (And it works the other way too.)

While I’m not a full-on introvert, I have to be in the mood to network. At a conference, I will engage with other people I haven’t met before, but many times I’m happy just to sit in the back of the room and listen. So while I recognize the importance of networking, I need to make a conscious effort to reach out when I’m among strangers.

Online, it’s easier to engage. The asynchronous nature of online communication allows you to think more before you respond or even not respond at all. There’s less pressure; you aren’t “on the spot” like you are in a face-to-face situation. Moreover, I’ve found that some world-class experts are more than happy to respond to your blog comment or e-mail.

Share 2 plans for the future. Do you foresee any obstacles?

I belong to numerous Facebook and Linked In Groups related to my professional interests and hobbies. These are great tools to keep current in these fields and make connections to key experts and opinion leaders.
I like to attend at least one conference each year related to Social Media. I haven’t got anything lined up yet for this year, but I’m looking.

As far as obstacles go, a person only has so much time and energy to monitor and participate in online groups. Also, since I live in a small city in Northern Canada, travelling to attend conferences is a challenge.

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