COM0015 Assignment #1 Blog post #3 Professional Networking now and in the future


As an important part of my life, I consider networking is equally important comparing to gaining academic knowledge from class learning. On the internet, I had been using Facebook several years ago and used it to keep in touch with most of my friends. Ever since the emergence of Linkedin, I realized its power of more effectively and efficiently to develop professional social network instead of regular personal level network. I learnt to use Linkin and kept tracking others’ working status from the people around me. But I have to commit that I often used Linkin when I need to use it, not as casual as posting things on Facebook.

On the other hand, I attended many different networking events that are hold by the college. Besides grabbing business card from others, I now started to ask if they used Linkedin so that I can get their newest update all the time.

For the following half to one year, I am planning to attend more of the job orientation event where will also be a good place to social with other people. And I will better complete my Linkedin page to interact with people through this social media channel.

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