Windows 8.1 …. Oh my aching head!

I pick up the phone, listen and immediately bang my head on my desk in sheer frustration.  My dad spilled coffee on his laptop.

laptop coffee

Now most of you are probably saying to yourself – Susan, that’s annoying but certainly not head banging worthy.  Oh but it is. Yes the laptop was only 6 months old which was frustrating … however the bigger issue is that it had good old Windows 7!

My parents are seniors and getting them into the techie world has been a challenge. Do they have all the latest gadgets. No. Can they text?  No.  But they have mastered SKYPE, can do simple things online and they play solitaire… a lot. That is it.

When their old computer died about 6 months ago, I picked up another laptop which was loaded with Windows 8.  I was not familiar with Windows 8 so after several hours of head banging in absolute frustration, the laptop was returned. So I scoured the online stores and eventually found a perfect laptop in clearance … with Windows 7. My parents were thrilled.  I was the hero daughter for returning their beloved solitaire.  And best of all, my head stopped hurting.

Fast forward to the call that has ruined the past 7 days of my life.

After countless hours of searching online, I could not repeat my luck and locate a laptop with Windows 7.  My trusty IT guy took the laptop apart and tried to bring it back to life, but the damage was too extensive.  So Windows 8.1 here we come. After reading things online, I wasn’t as hesitant as I was with Windows 8. The reviews all assured me that it was easier to use. I found endless sites that all gave clear instructions on how to use things.  And I even downloaded instructions on how to make sure solitaire was loaded.  I was confident and set.

Oh how the reviews lied. Yes Windows 8.1 is improved from Windows 8, however it’s still a big pain in the neck to use. If you are using it with a touch screen or on a tablet, it might work well once you get used to it.  But having it loaded on a regular laptop doesn’t make any sense. And trying to teach a dramatically different program to people who aren’t techie anyways – well it’s just really painful. All of the basic tasks that took years for my parents to grasp no longer work the same. It’s been a nightmare. Every time my office phone rings and I see their number come up, I bang my head knowing that I am about to be bombarded with questions that I know I can’t answer.


So for anyone still using Windows 7 and dreading the Windows 8.1 upgrade … I urge you to please don’t drink coffee while using your computer and save yourself from the frustration!

6 thoughts on “Windows 8.1 …. Oh my aching head!

  1. This is why Microsoft is making further updates to it. The most recent service pack jumps you right to the desktop instead of the Metro UI, heck it even allows you to use the store without using the Metro.

    And they have promised in a future update, that the metro UI will be condensed into a smaller, pre-windows-8 startmenu we all know and love.

  2. I totally understand when you speak about helping your parents with their computer issues! I too have those same phone conversations with my parents, and it takes a lot of patience and understanding to help them either reset a password, use a particular program or purchase new hardware or software. What makes it even tougher is the fact that I unfortunately do not have ALL the answers, which complicates things even further.

  3. I can somehow relate to your situation. Since my mom passed away 2 years ago in September my dad had the bright idea of switching from a Blackberry to an iPhone. Not necessarily the same phone, completely different! His problem is that he’s not reading what’s on the screen, just hitting it hoping it will get him wherever. Thank god he didn’t spill coffee on it yet! You need to be patient will your parents; they were not brought up with that technology. I’m sure they appreciate your time and are very thankful….but I know how you feel 

  4. I am not looking foreword to the day i have to upgrade from XP on my laptop or Vista on my desktop computer. I am or at least I like to think i am a techie, and have tried Windows 8 a few times and did not like it.

  5. Have Windows 8 on both my laptop and tablet. I remember having to google the first time I needed to print. The right click option wasn’t there and it was so frustrating. I had an awful moment with a resume template last week and was brought to tears. I can laugh about it now and its nice to hear I am not the only one having issues.

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