The face of ECE (early childhood education) students has changed. Where once, diploma program teachers could look out and see a sea of young, eager but inexperienced high school graduates, the classroom is now filled with mature students, currently working in the field, pursuing a second career, or upgrading education obtained in another country.

The change in ECE students directly reflects the change in our society towards diversity. With every influx of new cultures, so changes the make-up of children in childcare and the educators leading them. If child care programs want to draw and engage to the new ECE teacher they need to do so through social media appeal to this new audience.

Who is the new ECE teacher?

  • High school, but more often a female university graduate.
  • Trendy, and tends to travel by bus
  • Middle class though has minimal disposable income.
  • Works in the ECE field at least part time.
  • Single, can be a single mom, but often married with children.
  • ESL adult with post secondary education and experience from another country.

Social Media Appeal?

  • Short snappy messages crammed with useful material via Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • Discussion boards with informative information exchanges.

The best way to draw and maintain the new ECE student audience is to set up an information hub where students can access short tid-bits of information and exchange ideas in one place.

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