COM0011 Blog Post #5 — Benefits of Social Media for Runners



Do you like running? Have you tried running by yourself and don’t find the motivation to continue? Most of your friends are either busy or just don’t bother running as they don’t want to take the time or don’t have it. You’re not the only one that feels that way…alone with no running buddies. Did you think of reaching out to your friends through your Facebook account or even your followers on Twitter? From personal experiences, whenever I see one of my friends posting on Facebook that just went for a run it makes me want to get out there and run. Social media can be a great tool of inspiration. By reaching out to them you will set out personal goals and do you know what, you might enjoy it and set goals for future races. You will have great discussions with your running partner and probably make new friends to.

After reading this very interesting article on Runner’s World  and a blog from Matt Rhodes, I found that you don’t have to run alone if you don’t want to. When I created my Twitter account I had selected a few elite runners as a source of stimulation. It gives you the opportunity to be in their shoes and see how these amazing athletes think, train, eat and perform.

Whenever I want to run with music I bring along my smartphone to listen to music, keep track of my distance and pace while using apps such as MapMyRun, RunKeeper and Nike Plus just to name a few. There are numerous apps available but I find these ones particularly good.

Next time you are planning to go for a run mention it on your Facebook account and see how much positive comments you will get. You will get words of encouragement and that will motivate you to run faster, longer and you will feel great after your run.






5 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog Post #5 — Benefits of Social Media for Runners

  1. I hate running. I started 2 years ago to lose weight, it works! Motivation is important.
    What about social media on the go? I like using things like Talking SMS (Android App) that reads out any incoming texts while I am jogging in to work (better weather coming yay!) You can check it out at
    Could read a lot of Social Media Certificate blog posts with similar tools?
    I don’t hate running as much now but I definitely still need motivation thanks for the post!

  2. Man! Me too. I hate running. I think it’s been on my resolutions list for the past 5 years. And so true about the facebook running posts making you want to go out there! I use the elliptical at the gym – but even if there was a social media plug-in for ellipticals it’s just not the same: “I just ran 5 km in 34:58… stationary! on an elliptical!”

  3. Thanks for the information I found your blog interesting and I seem to always learn something new about social media and new apps etc when I read these blogs. I do not run but I see on facebook people who do post about their runs and you are correct-they recieve positive comments.

  4. Great blog! This type of tool could also be used as a way of encouraging people who are trying to kick smoking, lose weight etc. If someone posts their goal on facebook/twitter, their friends could help provide support and encourage their friend to continue.

  5. Great thought! Peer encouragement and positivity is definitely underrated. Society always focusses on how negative people are, when feedback and support is happening literally every second of every day with the help of social media.

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