COM0014 Blog Post #7 – Personal Reflection


While reading The Social Media MBA by Christer Holloman, I found a quote by content marketing strategist Joe Pulizzi is says “Nobody has 30 seconds for a brand but everyone has 30 minutes for a good story.” I think this reinforces the lessons of this course and it is applicable to individuals and companies. No one is going to stop to pay attention unless you are sharing something authentic and of a value to them. That value could be anything a lesson, an emotional connection, a shared experience or concern: it starts to build a relationship between the reader and storyteller. This relationship is so important. Think about it. You are more likely to purchase from or follow someone if you know their story and feel a connection with them.

Professionally I want to work with the companies I work for to help them find the stories and support them in generating content that is rooted in storytelling. I can foresee a lot of support being needed by at least one of them as they have not branched out into the world of social media and they feel they do not have a story to tell, but they do!

My personal content will be way more guided by story than it previously was. I know now that there is a story in everything. I used to think I would need to wait for great events to occur in order to have great content share; now I will find stories in the simple everyday things.

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