COM0015 – Professional Networking, Now and in the future

I always thought that by bringing together the online and the offline professional lives you strive for the highest level of success. I also believe that in-person relationships are more powerful, as a person that you know from your real life will be more likely to refer you to his business partners or to a job, than someone you’ve met online.

I’ve always consider that my online “personal” persona should be separate from my online professional persona, as no business SocialBizvPers-300x256partners  would like to see in their feeds my 4 yo daughter’s princess dress that I’ve posted.  Therefore I keep the two completely separated. I found this interesting article about how to keep your personal and professional lives separate.

I’ve recently embraced a marketing position in a completely new industry for me, mobile security. It’s a start-up company eager to bolster its credentials as an expert in mobile security. Having 20-30 years of experience in the industry, it’s easier for them, but way harder for me, to build credentials.

Therefore my present strategy for developing my professional network involves keeping an up-to-date profile on Linkedin with links to my company’s website, blog, and social networks.  I also maintain the relationships built over time in the offline professional life as an active member of OXA and BOMA business networks (with weekly meetings).

I also manage company’s Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook pages and post regularly, as I know users demand consistency with the companies they follow. I try not brag to much about what we do and balance my posts with industry news on mobile threats, malware, statistics, infographics, basically useful information for our readers.

Once our company and product become more mature I will develop contests to engage and increase our fan base (likes, followers, blog readership), build a community of users for peer-to-peer communication and sharing tips, news and questions, generate traffic on our social networks and website, hopefully generate more leads and establish ourselves as security experts.

In the future I will focus on finding local high-tech networking events, participate in more mobile trade shows to build awareness, showcase our product and connect with likeminded peers (I ‘ve recently booked Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai and CTIA in Las Vegas – both renown high-tech trade shows).


2 thoughts on “COM0015 – Professional Networking, Now and in the future

  1. I’m actually a fan of letting a little bit of the personal trickle through into your business profile because it makes you seen more human. It’s all about preference and comfort levels though.

  2. I’m big on keeping it separate, too. When I got a Twitter account a couple years ago I got one for work and one for personal use. My prospects and senior managers do not want to hear my opinions on Rob Ford and yet I want to receive tweets from Toronto City Hall reporters, keep up-to-date and comment. When I mentioned this to the person who was teaching me the Twitter skills at work, she looked at me oddly. I now realize that this person really didn’t know much about social media.

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