COM0015- Post #2 Strong & Weak organizations

Strong organizations

Heineken is one of the leaders in terms of building long tern relationships, engagement and strengthening the bonds with 96f7d66c1454b39881d6525fc784d60btheir brand. No matter the subject, they make the best use of the social media platforms and manage to stay first in class. How? They research their audience, identify the need, come up with innovative and fun ideas, they create engaging concepts and use platforms that enable communication with the brand, user interactions and advocacy. You can find their super creative visuals on, their consumer’s crazy moments on , follow them on Twitter – 82K followers, or find one of their multiple Facebook pages, the main one enjoys over 17.2M likes.

They manage very well to keep their audience engaged and interested, and contests are in top of their social media engagement. Here are just few examples.

Based on a taboo subject like create awareness for alcohol over-consumption, Heineken started a conversation about people who drink too many beers during their nights out with their friends. Results? 5 million targets online, over 1 million site visitors, 150.000 hours of active brand engagement, over 5.000 positive consumer reviews, a lift in prompt awareness and likeability of 11%.

Heineken crowd-sourced the redesign of the trademark bottle for a limited edition to celebrate their 140th anniversary. They’ve got 1700 entries with uber engaged and loyal customers that have unlocked their creativity to come up with fresh and unbiased concepts about the beer bottle.

Create your own ”Serenade” for Valentine’s Day had over 5 million Likes of the Facebook app………. just to name a few campaigns.

Weak Organizations
I wanted to stay within the area of multinational companies with humongous marketing budgets. This is one of the companies I’ve worked for, SAB Miller. Unfortunately the company is not struggling enough to create a community, a base of engaged fans that they could turn to like Heineken does.
The company makes use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest but with unbalanced postings, ignoring the social networks from time to time and giving the impression (on Pinterest especially) that they’ve created a page just for the sake of it.

On Facebook, SABMiller reaches out to their followers with un-personal posts about the organization’s initiatives (they enjoy few likes, vs. the hundreds Heineken receives with its posts). More followers are on Peroni Nastro Azzurro facebook page (one of the company’s beer brands) but less engaged consumers.

Lame Pinterest Peroni presence, especially for a brand that is so voguish and targets fashionable people.

The SABMiller twitter page is a bit better, with regular posts, keeping their followers informed about their activities, news in the industry, environmental issues, etc.

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