COM0014 – Post 7 – Personal Reflection

Communication is all about sharing valuable information.  And what better way to communicate than through storytelling. Storytelling opens doors to engagement.  People remember stories. Storytelling can weave the reader into the fabric of your brand.  Stories ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’, and good stories touch readers in a personal way.  So really, what better way to create dynamic digital content for your readers?

Here at the Centre for Research & Innovation we have some great stories to share.  This Digital Communication course has reinforced to me that our stories, after all, are not in the ‘innovation’, as much as they are in the people behind the innovation – the driving force.  It is the unique value that the individual brings that makes a story so effective, personal and shareable.  Digital content can be guided by story as long as the story is relatable to your message; that it ties back to your mission, your goals and overall key messaging.

As I began to dig deeper within storytelling it became clear that perhaps we are not fully capitalizing on the merits of this practice.  To begin with we could expand our stories on innovation about the people behind the invention; to include their narrative, their challenges.   Not just the intelligence behind the innovation; but the motivation – the thing that kept them up at nights.  Stories infused with first hand content about overcoming commercialization hurdles, and in doing so how they changed the marketplace, and ultimately themselves.  Through this type of digital content we’d hope to advance our engagement, and encourage people to take innovation risks, that failure is ok too. And if I explore our storytelling choices one step further I think of the great social media tools readily at our fingertips; Podcasts, youtube, slideshare.  All are equally great ways to create dynamic content that can be easily shared.  What’s your story to tell?


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