The Rise of Facebook-#4 COM0011

Facebook was founded on Febuary 4th,2004, this year it celebrated 10 years of success. Mark Zuckerburg and his fellow classmates at Harvard. stated this social media site. It is available to anyone who claims to be thirteen years or older. The growth in Facebook has been phenonominal. His social media network site has 1.23 billion users around the world! His company is worth $135 billion! He also became the company that became “mobile first”. Facebbook bout instagram in April of 2012 which is a photo sharing app for 1 billion! It appaears that 57 percent of Instagram users visit the site daily. This is the second highest in social media networking next to Facebook.

Facebook has added a app for phone called ” Facebook Messenger” a socia media network chat service. It has become the 12th most downloaded free app from Apple’s App Store, even ahead of Facebook !

Mark Zuckerburg’s net worth is 24 billion! That is something for a man aged 30. he is the 26th wealtest man in the world and the youngest on the list of 150. Mark’s vsion for the future is to expand internet access to billions of people who have never been to the web. His vision is to connect the world even more!

As a user of Facebook I like it’s ability to inteace with people from around the world as wellas the person next door. I can share pictures, send private messages or post messages, jokes and share information. I am amazed at how people have found family emebers after being given up at birth, missing people are found, there is networking for organ donations, sales, event postings and the list goes on. Facebbok ahs become my daily dose of soical networking.

Thank you Mark Zuckerburg!

One thought on “The Rise of Facebook-#4 COM0011

  1. I never would have guessed at how many people would be so reliant and connected to Facebook if you were to ask me 8 years ago. It was neat but I did not get it, still don’t. I keep posting pics from my phone and making wise @$$ comments to my friends posts and play a bit of Game of Throne to pass the time but never really got into it.
    Just goes to show that I would not bet on any of my predictions on futurism and technology trending if you want to become a techie millionaire!

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