COM0014 – Blog #6 What is your favorite customer story?

I wanted to write from the perspective of the highly impressed customer for this story. And to be honest I have been suffered writer’s block this week, but this experience kept returning to me.

It may not have been anything out of the usual for this store to provide such great customer care but due to the rarity of extraordinary service it is a story I wish to share.

There is a Yarn shop, The Loop, that I have passed everyday on my way to work for the past two years, I always looked in but have never had a reason to visit, until last Fall. My dad was in the hospital for a few weeks recovering from surgery and my mom decided she would like pass the time by taking up knitting again. I automatically thought of The Loop, especially since it is a small independent and this would be a great opportunity to shop there. We went in and I could tell my mom felt a little out of place, the sales lady caught onto this too and jumped right in. She found and printed (for free) appropriate level patterns for my mom, knowing she hadn’t knit in a while, and helped select all the right yarn. She was so knowledgeable and so keen to help my mom return to knitting. She was honestly just wonderful.

Also, I always noticed that they had this giant rolled up scarf and in my milling about found this article about the someone who knitted the world’s longest scarf(not current record)…it’s the one in the window! How cool is that?

We could have gone across the road to the chain craft store and probably saved $30 but we would have been fending for ourselves in there. This is why it is so refreshing to have people to care and love their craft so much that they want to share it with others. That is their great customer story.

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